What should you know about used Ford cars

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Both when buying a new or used Ford, the future car owner can enjoy certain advantages, but there are also disadvantages that should be taken into account. If a used Ford is the idea of your next car, it is important to make an informed decision instead of relying on emotions. Those that will have a Ford as their very first car, should be especially cautious as important nuances may be left unnoticed due to the lack of experience. But later on this carelessness may result in spending large sums of money in car services.

Pink glasses often characterise not only sweethearts in love but also car buyers: the good qualities are overestimated but when it comes to the negative traits, there is a naive hope that it will not be that big of a deal in the future.

In cooperation with the classifieds portal dalder.lv, next we offer a discussion about the following topic: “Used Ford: what should you know about it, for and against”.

The worst of scenarios

During the first theory lesson in driving schools, trainees are warned of how a licence can be lost (even before it has been obtained). Also before buying a car it is worth taking a look at some of the most unsuccessful scenarios in case a used Ford turns out to be a disappointment. It is a story about how to lose a car straight after buying it.

First of all, you should be critical when coming across such a positive slogan as “good used Ford from Germany”. It is not so rare that this dream car is sold in the Baltic market just because in its homeland it would no longer be possible. There are cases when a used Ford has been reconstructed from various seriously damaged cars or it has even been under water during floods. And even a Ford in good condition can unexpectedly start to grizzle when meeting the bumpy Latvian roads. The deficiencies that used to seem insignificant when driving in Germany, in other conditions in Latvia can start to cause serious problems.

Second of all, not all sellers can be trusted. A beautiful used Ford on some foreign website for an unbelievably good price may seem as winning a lottery. And not always the prices are low - they may even be high enough to convince of the undeniable quality of the vehicle and the reliability of the company. But it also happens that the seller's website simply gets deleted from the internet and the seller can no longer be reached after the money transfer has been made.

Third of all, a used Ford from a friend or an acquaintance, the seemingly safest of options, may turn out to be backstabbing. Even with the best of intentions, unfortunately, also a friend himself may not have an idea of the true condition of the vehicle. The fact that the car is working without any problems at the moment, does not guarantee that it will be this way also after a month. And then suddenly after purchasing a car in perfect condition, one has to turn to a mechanic only to spend a few more thousands on fixing it. Then it takes by surprise both the friend and the new owner. That is why before buying a car one should always obtain the assessment of an expert - as there is no seller that can be sure of how long the car will last without a proper car diagnostics.

Used Ford abroad

To avoid any dishonest traders, it is best to look for the car from official sellers. It is also important to always check clients' reviews on the internet. Besides, an official trader is always ready to assume some responsibility for the condition of the vehicle, taking into account the warranty commitments. It is of utmost importance to make sure that the seller has a licence.

In order to make sure of the mileage of the car and obtain information on the service history, one has to ask the VIN number. There are also websites in which it is possible to find information about all the car details only by VIN number. It can be very helpful to compare these details with what can be seen in the advertisement photos - if there are any discrepancies, it may indicate that the car has been rebuilt after a serious crash.

It is also wise to check the car at an independent service station that has no interest in twisting the facts about the true condition of the vehicle. But the agreement must definitely be reviewed together with a specialist that knows the language. Unfortunately, there are dishonest traders that sometimes include such points in agreement that later on release them from any responsibility and cancel the warranty conditions.

What should you check?

When buying a used Ford in Latvia, it is first recommended to check it on the RTSD website. In the section of technical inspection, after entering the number of the car, such information as technical inspection data and mileage can be found.

Before taking the car to the service, the future owner is also advised to perform a visual inspection of the car himself/herself. During this inspection, it is important to pay close attention to whether there are any repaints that may be masking some scratches, and whether the surface appears to be uneven. It may indicate that the car is much more worn out than the seller wants to make one believe. To make sure that the car has not suffered during floods, seat belts and wiring connections should be checked. There may also be traces of mud and sand, and there may be a smell of mould inside the car.

A test drive should never be missed before buying a car. Already after starting the car, it is possible to make sure how fast the engine starts running. On average, it takes only 3-5 seconds and it should be working evenly. The brakes should not be squeaking and they would be easy to use, otherwise it may signal that the brake pads have been worn out. Overall, during the ride, neither the steering wheel nor the car itself should be vibrating. It is recommended to check whether all the lamps, buttons of lowering windows and seats, radio, etc. are working properly.

Finally, buying a used Ford is unimaginable without car diagnostics. It is the most objective of all inspections. During the diagnostics, a service mechanic connects the car to a computer system that reflects all kinds of damages in the form of codes. After this checkup, it is possible to predict when the next service visit will be needed, which details may soon wear out and how much could it possibly cost. It also allows the mechanic to predict how long the car will still be working properly, as well as give an idea of whether car details could be changed at all in case they are damaged.

Used Ford: for and against

One of the greatest risks that is associated with buying any used car, is the technical condition of the vehicle. If there are any technical issues at all, the owner is personally responsible for fixing the car and the expenses have to be paid out of one's own pocket.

There is also no guarantee that the information provided from the seller about the car is true. In Latvia, the statistics are record high and odometers are said to be changed even in up to 80% of cases while in Europe it is only in 5-12% of cases. After purchasing a used Ford, the golden rule states that it is safer to choose a car with lower mileage. But, at the same time, no one can be sure of the authenticity of this indication, even if the information is found on the RTSD website.

One should also take into consideration that there is a high probability that a used Ford may require higher investments than it would be in the case of buying a new one. It should also be noted that used cars consume more fuel, which means that the road expenses will be higher.

But in case the price plays the main role when buying a car, by choosing a used Ford, it is possible to come across some very democratic offers. It should also be considered that a 5 year old Ford is definitely in a better condition than a 10 year old. But the spare parts for older models are cheaper, which is one more advantage when deciding in favour of an older car.

To buy a Ford

It should not come as a surprise that after an unsuccessful purchase, the buyer may find himself/herself planning how to get compensation from the insurance company to get back the wasted money. And then there is yet another story for news portals about some crazy person setting his/her own used Ford on fire to get compensation. This may even lead to litigation. But at this point, it would already be too late to meditate on how buying a Ford could have been done more properly.

If you have decided to buy a Ford car, finding a used Ford in perfect condition may turn out to be a real challenge. Even though a used Ford may seem to be the most economical of solutions, the buyers often forget to add unexpected service expenses which makes the total amount much higher. The greatest bonus of a new Ford is its factory warranty, which means that the new owner can forget about worrying about additional expenses at least for some time. The buyer can also be completely sure of the car's technical history data.

The new advertisement portal dalder.lv is a pleasant surprise in the Latvian car market as buying a used car on this site is safer than it has ever been before. As each classified is linked to a seller's website (which is built in the platform), it is possible not only to read reviews about the experience of other clients but also make sure of the identity of the seller. Finding a car is made easier with the help of filters - after entering the data of the dream car, the user receives an informative email in case a new classified corresponding to the set criteria has been uploaded.

Overall, it is possible to conclude that buying a used Ford takes additional effort and time in order to make sure of its true condition. If you aim at buying a car wisely, then the Russian proverb “Measure seven times, cut once” will definitely come in helpful.