Why get a CE category license?

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As it turns out, one of the best-paid professions in Latvia are CE category long distance truck drivers. This occupation attracts even professionals from other countries, and most often from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. In most cases, this occupation is chosen because of the attractive salary. It is a stable career path, which allows to support a family as well as save up a good amount of money to achieve other financial aims. A stable and well-paid career is considered the main reason as to why to get a CE category driver's license.

The average age of long distance truck drivers is between 30-50 years; however, one can start working in this profession already from the age of 21. To become a long distance truck driver, one has to get C and CE category, as well as undergo the training of code 95. This time we offer an insight into the training and the specifics of the profession of long distance truck drivers. The material has been prepared in cooperation with driving school Presto.

The everyday life of a truck driver

In short, CE category long distance truck drivers is a piece of puzzle in the big world economics jigsaw. Long distance truck drivers are always on the road in movement driving their truck. As the locations of pick up and delivery of cargo are scattered throughout the world, a long distance truck driver can spend even up to several weeks on the road. That is why a long distance truck drive, among everything else, must be ready to spend a long time away from home. Because of that, family support and understanding is of utmost importance.

The work of a long distance truck driver is not always a lonely profession as very often 2 drivers work together as a team. It is like that during long journeys, and then the drivers follow the principle of 30 hours. It means that every driver drives 9 hours. The instructions indicate that after every 4,5 hours a break must be taken. The next 3 hours are dedicated to such work as cargo loading and unloading. The maximum amount of time dedicated to driving can be up to 10 hours, and it is allowed 2 times a week.

The specifics of the work of a long distance truck driver require working in most different times of day, including the night hours. It depends on the work schedule of clients and when it is necessary to arrive at a certain location to pick up or deliver cargo. Because of that, a long distance truck driver has to always be resistant and able to stay alert. Night shifts can lead to an unhealthy sleep rhythm; however, after working this way more days in a row, it is possible to get used to the new schedule.

Another specific aspect of the profession is that a long distance truck driver is always in his truck. He spends the time there not only while driving but also when sleeping. Therefore, the truck is both a workplace and home. France is an exception, as it is required by law to stay in a hotel instead of the truck during long distance transfers.

How to earn with the CE category?

On average, the CE category long distance truck drivers earn about 1500-2000 EUR neto in a month. But it has been calculated that the average monthly expenditure of a truck driver makes up 500 EUR, and it includes such daily expenses as eating, hygiene products, clothes and shoes.

It means that just within a few years it is possible to save up a good amount of money - about 40000 EUR within 3,5 years. These savings can later on be invested in real estate or an enterprise of one's own. It also provides a sufficient amount to be able to take care of a family and save up for the down payment in order to buy an apartment or a house.

How much does the CE category cost?

To become a long distance truck driver, an investment of about 1 monthly salary of a long distance truck driver is needed. It is necessary to take into account that the first step towards this career is the C category license. Only afterwards the courses of the CE category follow. And it is also necessary to receive the license of code 95 training. It is necessary to undergo this periodical training once every 5 years. Once a year long distance truck drivers must also undergo the medical checkup to receive a medical certificate which confirms that the driver is in good enough health to drive a truck.

The minimal investment to get the C category, according to the price-list of Presto driving school, is 618.03 EUR. It Includes cost of theory courses and the minimum number of 10 driving lessons. The state driving exam costs 58.19 EUR. But the minimal investment to get the CE category driver's license is 534.83 EUR. The minimum number of driving lessons in the CE category that one must attend, is 7.

Code 95 is a professional certificate. According to the European directive, it is necessary to undergo this training for distance truck drivers working responsible for transporting cargo. The minimal investment is 281.33 EUR. The 1st attempt of the RTSD driving exam for this training cost 106.49 EUR.

Overall, the minimum investment to become a long distance truck driver is 1434.19 EUR. In case the future CE category driver needs more driving lessons than the set minimum by the state, the total expenditure may be higher.

How time does it take to get the CE category?

The first step is the C category. Theory is made up of 10 classes that can be attended either 2 or 3 times a week, which means this course can be finished within 3,5-5 weeks. How much time it takes to undertake the 10 minimal driving lesson classes, depends on each individual driver. Presto driving school provides an opportunity to drive every day as the classes can be booked also on the weekends and bank holidays. It means that the most active drivers can attend the minimum amount of classes just within 10 days. After the RTSD exam follows.

The CE category consists of 5 theory classes. The standard course is 2 times a week, but the intensive one - 3 times a week. The mandatory 7 driving lessons can be taken within one week's time when driving daily. The overall length of training depends on how often the lessons are taken and how soon the RTSD exam is passed successfully.

Code 95 training consists of 5 theory lessons, and this course, the same as CE category theory part, takes a maximum of 3 weeks - by attending 2 or 3 classes a week. In order to gain code 95 certificate, there is no need to attend driving classes but at the end of the training the driving exam of the corresponding category must be taken at RTSD.

CE category and 5 whys

To sum up, let's conclude by answering the question indicated in the title - why get a CE category license.

  • Good salary - it is one of the main reasons as to why decide to become a long distance truck driver;
  • Stable profession - long distance truck drivers is not only one of the best-earning professions but there is also a constant demand in the market of Latvia for new employees in the truck industry. There is a constant lack of professionals. As this profession is so stable, even during the pandemic CE category drivers are not left without work.
  • Possibility to save up money - the specifics of the work of a long distance truck driver and the lifestyle not only allow to earn a good amount of money but also save a lot. In a long run, it is possible to save enough means to fulfill one's financial aims;
  • Possibility to see the world - traveling on wheels may as well be a dream occupation for someone that dreams to travel Europe and see the world. This job makes it possible to travel for free.
  • Possibility to support a family - many find this profession appealing as it provides enough income to support a family. If that cannot be done with the current job, then CE category is a good start to a promising career. It is worth it to change one's job and invest in getting the CE category license.

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