6000 employees of the Ford Craiova plant were left without work due to the coronavirus epidemic

07-мар, 19;28 admin 1874
More than 6,000 employees at the Ford plant in Craiova became technically unemployed on Thursday. The company is suspending operations at its main plants in Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The technical unemployment period debuts on Thursday, March 19 and runs until April 5, depending on the current state. During this period, employees will receive 78% of their salary.

Ford officials believe that suspending production could take several weeks, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, restrictions imposed at the national level, restrictions related to supplier relationships, and dealer inventory needs.
"Although the impact of coronavirus in our factories has been fortunately limited so far, its impact on our employees, dealers, suppliers and customers, as well as on European society as a whole, is unprecedented. In these difficult times, we must remain United and put people first. We at Ford will do everything we can in the coming weeks to help overcome this crisis, reduce the spread and mitigate the impact as much as possible,” Stuart Rowley, President of Ford Europa, said in a statement.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/