The Ford Focus RS will not exist in the current generation

17-янв, 19;28 admin 1276
The Ford Focus RS will not exist in the current fourth-generation compact model. The information was agreed by Ford, so fans of the model will have to settle for the old version of the Focus ST.

Plans to achieve the new Ford Focus RS were initially delayed by the difficulty of creating a motor group that fit into existing strict pollution regulations at the expected launch time of the new model. In February, Ford announced that the launch in the market may be delayed until 2022. Now, however, Ford has returned and announced the cancellation of the entire project, so fans of the model now have at their disposal the peak of the Focus ST range with a maximum output of 280 HP.
"As a result of European-level emission standards, increasing CO2 emissions, and high development costs for the RS model with an electrified engine in a relatively small production environment, we are not considering another version of the RS Focus," Ford said in a press release.

The wording confirms that the Ford Focus RS was at some point in development, in a more or less advanced phase, before it was blocked due to the complexity of developing the corresponding hybrid power system.