Competitor of Ford EcoSport, from a Chinese manufacturer

16-окт, 19;28 admin 1276
BYD Auto is a company founded in January 2003 in China. One of the cars it has been selling since this year is the Yuan EV535. The model was introduced in early 2019.

The yuan crossover has a design that is very similar to the Ford EcoSport, especially in the blue color for outdoor lighting, thin headlights and a compact profile. Inside, it is different, but has a clean look with a large screen in the center surrounded by air vents.

BYD Yuan EV535 2019 measures 4,350 mm long, 1,785 mm wide and has a height of 1,680 mm with a wheelbase of 2,535 mm.

Under the hood is an electric motor that develops 163 horsepower and a battery of 53.22 kWh. In normal mode, autonomy is 535 km per charge, if the driver constantly keeps the speed low. At the rate of notification, the autonomy reaches 410 km. The car is 0-50 km / h in 3.9 seconds, and the charging time of 30-80% is one hour.
After applying subsidies, the BYD Yuan costs about us $ 15,927 for the basic version of the 70 kW electric motor. For more performance, there is a 120 kW version that costs about $ 20,274.