Ford is introducing the new Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid, the mild-hybrid 48V models, next year

14-сен, 17;03 admin 1345
Ford will present a range of information related to electrification as part of a special "Go Further" event to be held on April 2 in Amsterdam. Ford announced that the new Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid, models of the mild-hybrid 48V, will be introduced to the line next year.

The Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid will benefit from a mild-hybrid architecture built to improve consumption, while complementing Ford's driving pleasure experience through a higher level of performance and faster vehicle response.

The built-in belt-driven starter / alternator (BISG) replaces the classic alternator, allowing you to recover and store energy that is usually lost during braking and freewheeling (coasting). This way, the system charges a 48-volt air-cooled lithium-ion battery.
The BISG also behaves like an engine, complete with an EcoBoost 1.0 three-cylinder engine. when starting and accelerating normally, the BISG uses stored energy to provide additional torque, as well as powering the vehicle's auxiliary electrical systems.

Along with the Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid, Ford also revealed the new Mondeo Hybrid Wagon earlier this year. It uses a fully hybrid architecture that provides a refined petrol engine experience and is an alternative to diesel engines. The Mondeo Hybrid Wagon is the only fully hybrid model available in the wagon body in the d segment.